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Be aware! Keep your vehicle safe, dependable and on the road longer. The following tools are courtesy of the Car Care Council, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating motorists about the importance of regular vehicle care, maintenance and repair through its “Be Car Care Aware” consumer education campaign.

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Car Care Guide
The Car Care Guide guide boasts 80 pages of useful information for motorists and is available online for FREE. The guide covers major services, 12 component groups within the vehicle, service interval recommendations and much more. Additional topics include an expanded environmental awareness section, finding an automotive repair shop, alternative fuels, understanding the warranty, vehicle telematics, and careers in the auto care industry. Click here to view.

TPMS Checking Your Pressure

Newer model vehicles are equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to warn drivers that at least one of their tires is underinflated. The dashboard light looks like an exclamation point inside of a horseshoe and, if illuminated, should be addressed immediately.

Back-to-School Tips
Back-to-school time is hectic for most families, however scheduling a complete vehicle inspection is time well spent. The Car Care Council's video provides some valuable maintenance and safety tips that will help keep your vehicle running safely and efficiently all through the school year.

The Financial Benefits of a Vehicle's Cinderella Era
The Car Care Council explains why the smartest way to get a solid return on your vehicle investment is to keep your car after it is paid off and properly maintain it for optimum performance, dependability and safety. With routine auto care, you can expect at least 200,000 miles of safe performance from your vehicle.

It's Time for an Oil Change

Performing oil changes at the routine intervals outlined in the owner’s manual is one of the least expensive, yet effective, ways to keep an engine running at peak performance and extend the life of the vehicle. The Car Care Council provides useful information to help you understand the importance of regular oil changes.

Your Vehicle's Warranty

It’s a common misconception that only car dealers can perform the routine maintenance and repairs on a newer vehicle that is under warranty. The Car Care Council outlines the truth about vehicle warranties and assures consumers that they can have routine repairs performed by their local independent repair shop or do the work themselves without affecting the warranty.