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 Auto Value parts stores will add to your success while minimizing your headaches by providing top-quality products and services at competitive prices, exactly when you need them.

Since 1920, Auto Value’s primary focus has been on the professional service dealer. Our entire program is designed to help you focus on your top priority: your customers.


Brand Name Products
Our company features brands trusted by service professionals worldwide. We take form, fit and function very seriously at Auto Value.

Customized Store Inventories
Auto Value features the right inventory to keep your lifts busy and your bays profitable. We use our award-winning system of vehicle information inputs, including part failure rates, to make sure each local store's inventory is tailored to reflect the vehicles in your market. Adding our 'no hassle return policy' to this recipe helps make us the perfect business partner.

Extensive Inventory Support
All stores will receive an overnight delivery from our distribution center with more than $12 million in inventory. In addition, most stores receive a midday delivery.

On-Demand Delivery
Having the right part when you need it is only half the battle. Whenever necessary, we'll drop everything and get the part to you ASAP.

Service Dealer eConnections
Auto Value offers a complete menu of 'tools' that allow you to look-up parts and labor, order parts, print estimates and repair orders and a whole lot more. Our exclusive MyPlaceForParts online information and ordering system was designed by automotive service professionals with the sole purpose of making your life easier. And, you can view product availability 24/7/365 at your primary store, hub stores or our distribution center.
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Technician Training Programs
The times are changing, and will continue to change. We provide multiple opportunities during the year to make sure that your team is up-to-speed on the latest in vehicle technology and new ways to ensure efficient repairs. A well-trained industry is important to everyone and helps guarantee a bright future for the entire aftermarket.

Certified Service Centers
Consider converting to our network of over 3,500 Certified Service Centers across North America to help continue growing your business and your profits. Take advantage of our 24/24 nationwide parts and labor warranty program, our roadside assistance program and many other benefits to keep you competitive with the national chains and help build customer confidence while maintaining the independence you've worked so hard to build. See your Auto Value sales representative for more information.

Priority Labor Claim Resolution
Stuff happens and when it does, we can help cover your costs of legitimate re-repairs. Fix the problem, take care of your customer and let's move on together.